About UR Powered


The UR Powered team consists of a collaborative blend of technology and design enthusiasts, creating product for people living in a modern world. We are motivated by clean solutions to complicated problems and create products that change the way people do. 


Our Digital World

Digital and real life are no longer separate entities, and in our connected world, it is our opinion that nothing should come between you and your touch screen, even when wearing gloves. We made a commitment to change and are moving product in a new direction. Our goal is to continue developing and introducing innovative, functionally relevant products for an evolving society.

We bring centuries of Glove making excellence into every pair made. Since 1777 our parent company has been hand crafting the world’s finest gloves and fashion accessories. Our heritage continues to be the foundation of our reputation today.


About Fownes Brother & Co., Inc.

The UR POWERED brand was developed by Fownes Brothers & Co., Inc. With a heritage of more than 238 years, Fownes Brothers continues to be an innovator and fashion leader in the field of cold touch screen gloves and weather accessories. The UR POWERED collection is also available for purchase at leading retailers; Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Dillard's, Von Maur and Amazon. Fownes continues to maintain its dominant position as a vital player, innovator and leader in the field of cold weather accessories. Learn more at www.fownesbrothers.com

UR Powered Fownes Brothers