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Patented Touch Screen Touch

Fit. Style. Comfort. The Best Touchscreen Gloves. Traditionally crafted Touchscreen Gloves to fit your modern lifestyle. Some of our products may be covered by US Patents 8507102, 8528117 and patents pending.

Touch Screen Cuff

We bring centuries of Glove making excellence into every pair made. Since 1777 our parent company has been hand crafting the world’s finest gloves and fashion accessories. Our heritage continues to be the foundation of our reputation today.

Touch Screen Fingers

Use all your touchscreen devices as designed with 5 finger precise touch functionality. 
Zoom. Pinch. Drag. U|R Powered gives you the freedom to control your touchscreen while staying warm and fashionable.

Touch Screen Palm

U|R Powered’s patented scientific touchscreen treatment permeates the entire palm and fingers of your glove. We provide the enhanced touch technology you need in the styles you want.

Touch Screen Grip

The natural grain of our leather provides a perfect grip for handling all of your devices. Some of our non leather palm products have an enhanced Mobile Media Grip. This provides that extra handling security when manipulating your touch screen device.

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Audio Headwear

Headbands, beanies and earmuffs come with built-in headphones. Not only will your ears be nice and warm, but you can listen to your favorite tunes without worrying about catching a cold.

Ideal for iPods, MP3/MP4, mobile phones.

Audio Headwear Speaker Jack

Discretely integrated into every Earmuff, U|R Wired to enjoy all your devices. Simply plug in your Phone, iPod, or MP3 player into our Earmuffs and enjoy the rich warm sound!

Audio Headwear Band

Tired of winter hat head? U|R Wired earmuffs offers the perfect solution. Snug enough to stay in place, loose enough to avoid a bad hair day.
 Keeping you warm and plugged in so you can tune out.

Audio Headwear Muff

U|R Wired sourced the perfect combinations of materials to keep the cold out and the music in. Warm and soft against your ears, fashionable and stylish in a variety of great color combinations. A look for every activity.