Still looking for those perfect pair of touchscreen gloves

March 2015



Still looking for those perfect pair of touchscreen gloves before winter officially closes its doors? Look no further than the U|R Powered brand, specializing in touch screen gloves and audio headwear for both him and her. Developed by the Fownes Brothers & Co., the brand is an innovator and fashion leader of cold weather accessories.


The U|R Powered gloves are a blend of innovation and smart design, and are created specifically for the modern, working individual in mind. Here at DOWNTOWN, we had the chance to try out both the women and men’s leather touch screen gloves. They have the look of being your classic, fashion forward leather glove, but with a twist. U|R Powered has incorporated their technology to make the entire leather glove surface touch screen compatible, so that one can always use their phone, tablet or other mobile devices without the hassle of taking their gloves off to use it.


We were instantly pleased with the overall convenience and style of the gloves. The U|R Powered touch screen gloves give us that luxurious feeling while maintaining the practicality of using your phone or mobile device on the go. So, before this winter is over, and even if you are already preparing for the cold weather next year, pick yourself up a pair of U|R Powered touch screen gloves. They are the ultimate combination of luxury and convenience, right at your fingertips.

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