7 Tips For Winter iPhone Photography

February 2015

Use Touchscreen Gloves

Have you ever tried taking pictures with your iPhone when it was cold and windy outside? Your hands get numb and the next thing you know, you can barely feel the iPhone in your fingers anymore. Not to mention the fact you are now more likely to drop it. Touchscreen-compatible gloves might be the answer to your icy issues.


Because our smartphones are pretty much attached to us 24 hours a day now, many companies are producing touchscreen-compatible gloves to make things easier in cold weather. These gloves are made of a special material that allows you to operate your iPhone almost as if you weren’t wearing any gloves at all.


One company, U|R Powered, has pretty much perfected the art with a wide variety of gloves to fit anyone’s style and/or preference. My favorite is the Kenan Tech Stretch Touchscreen Glove for Men. They are thin enough to still give you plenty of feel, but thick enough to provide warmth on a cold day. These gloves are made with a patented, scientific, touchscreen treatment that covers every inch of the material, so you can use any finger you want to tap, zoom, pinch, drag—whatever. You can even use your knuckles if you want. Any part of the material that touches the screen will work. And the “Mobile Media Grip” palms provide extra handling and security so you won’t drop your iPhone.


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