Gloves Let You Use Touch Screens While Staying Warm

December 2014

In our connected world a smart phone is almost always on us.

Even when I try and have myself disconnect more I am still using my phone to take pictures or to check my work emails. Technology is everywhere and it is becoming a vital part of our lives and honestly I really like it. Of course that doesn't change when cold weather rolls in and U|R POWERED has gloves to keep you warm that you can wear while using your touch screen devices.



These gloves go a step further by having a pocket to put heat packets in. The green in the picture below is the pocket for the heat packet. The gloves conveniently come with a pair of Urban Fuel Heat Packs, which are inserted into Pulse Point Pockets at the base of your hand and wrist. The pockets feature infrared reflective foil lining that is Certified Space Technology. The lining efficiently directs more than 90% of the heat from the Urban Fuel Heat Pack toward the wrist’s inner pulse points, where veins and arteries quickly move the heat throughout the hand. Each Urban Fuel Heat Pack provides 7-9 hours of pulse pleasing heat. Now it’s possible to keep hands warm, freeing them to do more without stiff cold fingers!


See the full review by Melissa from Outnumbered 3 to 1 here.

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