PCMag.com - Touch-Screen Gloves for Your Frozen Fingers

November 2014

Winter-like temperatures are already chilling the U.S


Even in Hawaii, there was a spot where you could feel the 32-degree air in your hair. Your frozen, frozen hair. But what about your fingers? They're out there swiping commuter passes on dark, cold mornings, shoveling snow, and holding on to steaming lattes. They deserve some protection from the biting air.


But what about texting? You need to text. And check Google Maps. And snap photos of the snow. For that, you'll need some touch-screen-friendly gloves. They manage to keep out the chill and let you get a handle on your phone.


Holiday Gift Guide bugTouch screens work through the slight electric charge your skin gives off. To replicate this charge, touch-screen gloves have capacitive elements sewn in; often they use stainless-steel thread sewn into the fingertips. Other metals, like plated silver and copper, can be used, too. If you're so inclined, you can make any pair of gloves you already own into a touch-screen pair with minimal sewing skills and some metal thread.


But for far less effort and probably better results, check out the 10 pairs PCMag has picked out for men, women, and kids. They combat the cold and keep you in touch with friends, family, and the sports scores you need to check while you wait for the train. Once you've picked out a pair for yourself, remember that just about everybody could use a pair of touch-screen gloves (even those in the Aloha State); they make great gifts.


See U|R Powered's Katy Touchscreen Glove featured HERE. Purchase your own pair of Katy Nylon Urban Fuel Heated Touchscreen Gloves HERE.

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