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December 2013

Winter in Michigan is a very funny time of year. One day it can be snowing sideways, the next it can be sunny and gorgeous. You just never know what you are going to get. That makes it very hard to prepare with your outerwear choices. I have a bazillion coats, never knowing what one to put on. We have our hats and gloves placed prominently by the door in case we run out and realize we NEED them that day! It would be safe to just have them on every time we exit our house. But…that doesn’t happen. On that note, I did receive a pair of gloves from U|R POWERED for my husband and I that I think are going to be a daily staple in our life during the cold months. They are gloves that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but do more than just keep our hands warm. They are tech savvy! I’ll elaborate.


I am sure you have seen the gloves that let you use your smart phone while wearing your gloves.  They have this crazy-awesome technology that goes way above how I think. 

Basically, you can swipe and swoosh on your touch screen phone WITH your gloves on.  So, no fumbling to answer a call when you are in the car driving if it is a call you HAVE to answer.  Not only that, sometimes we listen to music that is being streamed from my phone, here is my answer to this dilemma now as well!


On the #Fashion side of things.  They come in a multitude of colors, enough to match any outerwear you are needing to match.  They are comfortable and come in different sizes too!


After seeing what I have shown you about U|R POWERED, can you see yourself picking up a pair either for yourself or as a gift?  Do tell!!

mila tech spandex touchscreen glove in majestic :: $38.00
bowden softshell & tech stretch touchscreen in black glove :: $44.00


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