U|R POWERED Launches new Fall Line

September 2013

The U|R POWERED brand was developed by Fownes Brothers & CO., Inc., a trusted name in gloves, and fashion accessories for over 235 years. Fownes Brothers continues to be an innovator and fashion leader in the field of cold weather accessories. Digital and real life are no longer separate entities, but are one and the same. UIR Powered is a collaborative blend of technology and design, created for people living in a modern world. It is our opinion that nothing should come between you and your touch screen, even when wearing gloves. This year, the U|R POWERED team is proud to announce the launch of an entirely new line of products developed to meet today’s and future needs of the continually advancing technologies. During this extraordinary time our team has been hard at work utilizing all of our internal resources to meet quickly changing demands and step forward into the future. We have made significant progress in expanding our entire product line, advancing in design and functionality development in preparation to rapidly meet the needs of our customers as we begin to emerge into winter season.

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