C&C Favorites: UR Powered Gloves

September 2013

Cash & Clothes knows that U|R POWERED makes winter gear for those connected to their tech. Earlier this year we featured the cold weather accessory brand UR Powered, and their touchscreen gloves. Well ,they’re back with a brand new expanded line of hats and gloves that are even more functional than before. So this winter make the upgrade to UR Powered hats and gloves…especially the gloves! We love UR Powered’s newest Kevlyn touchscreen gloves. They’re warm, comfortable, and extremely functional. Picture your warmest most favorite winter gloves, but now picture never needing to take them off to use your phone. That’s the beauty of UR Powered and their gloves. Unlike other brands, UR Powered gloves use no metal pieces, and don’t limit your use to only a thumb or index finger. Their new line of gloves come in multiple different styles that will fit whatever your needs are. So this fall, check out UR Powered and their new line of hats and gloves at www.urpowered.com. .

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