Chic Gift Guide 2015

December 2015

Simplifying The Lives of The Fempreneurs and Mompreneurs in Your Life


For a fun preview of our guide, check out our Top 5 Gadgets For The Fempreneurs and Mompreneurs in your life.


Gift guides are always a lot of fun to not only put together but to read and to use as a guide during the holiday season. Being able to see the smiles on the faces of our loved ones is our favorite part of the Holiday season, but finding the right gift for everyone in your life is really not as easy as it should be. With this guide, we hope that finding the right gift for the Mompreneur or Fempreneur in your life will be a little bit easier this year.


Fempreneurs and Mompreneurs are busy gals who are usually busy juggling too much at a time. From businesses, families, social lives, fitness, and everything in between, it can all get overwhelming. Every item in this amazing gift guide will allow you to find a gift for the busy girl in your life.


From Fitness, Beauty, Career, and even categories like Subscription Boxes, we have fun and useful gift ideas that will bring a little joy to the life of the woman who unwraps them.



UR Powered Audio Headwear

For those who love running in winter, this headwear is a great way to leave your routine undisturbed. The UR Powered Audion Headwear combines the comfort of their warm, winter headwear with their built-in UR audio speakers. The speakers are removable for comfort and convenience.


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