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November 2015

As mentioned on Instagram - @urpowered


Lots of online BUZZ has been traveling around on social media, especially on Instagram.  Here are a few of our most recent mentions!

Chic On The Peak - Posted here!

chic_on_the_peakAs the weather is getting colder outside, I've been using these @urpowered leather touch screen gloves. By looking at them, you can't even tell that they are touch screen gloves because of the nice leather. However, once you actually touch your phone, it's a totally different story because it's almost like you have no gloves on! #liketkit


kellyinthecityPosted here!

kellyinthecityEven during the fall, I can't get by without a pair of gloves during chilly mornings and nights.  As I wear a ton of navy, brown leather gloves are a go-to for me... Especially this @urpowered pair, which features touchscreen technology. No more takin' em off to check google maps or answer a phone call! They're stylish and comfy, and they WORK. (Anyone else ever had a pair of "iPhone gloves" that might as well be potholders?! ) Anyway, be sure to check out #urpowered. Their products are winners!  #howURPowered


cutenlittle - Posted here!

cutenlittleWinter layering prep! I love pink coats and finally found one similar to this one that I bought last year -- and it's #onsale too! Also, if you have small hands like me you'll want to get your hands on these leather tech gloves from @urpowered -- all my fingers were snug except for a tiny bit of space in my thumb.


carlywalko - Posted here!

carlywalkoLeather gloves are ALWAYS chic, but tech friendly too? JACKPOT!!! Thank you @urpowered for keeping me stylish and warm while texting. You all NEED these gloves in your life. #forreals #HowURpowered #URpowered #leathergloves #fallfashion

mksportsanista Posted here!

mksportsanistaHow instagramming is possible during the tundra here in #chiberia. Never miss being able to double tap a photo again with these amazing @urpowered gloves! #howURpowered #ootd


rachelslookbook Posted here!

rachelslookbookBrrrrr these mornings are getting cold and I'm prepping by pulling out the faux fur and gloves! Especially in a fun color - these @urpowered gloves are perfect because they are cute and mobile friendly! I can still scroll through my Instagram feed while staying warm


alittlecasualPosted here!

alittlecasualAll geared up for a cold weather #dog jog with my girl Nala! Thank you @urpowered for the cozy knit beanie with built-in headphones and soft fleece liner


styleanthropyPosted here!

styleanthropyI've always wanted a pair of leather gloves, but at the same time, I need something that still allows me to do what I do best - blog and post on my social media channels on the go! It's pretty important when I'm in New York during February Fashion Week shows. This @urpowered pair of gloves gives me the best of both worlds! I love how stylish and functional my new gloves are. I love the leather look, the cuffed bottom (so cold air dont get in), and the fact that I don't have to remove it when working on (or playing with) my phone! #TouchScreenGloves keep me connected at all times. You'll definitely see me wearing this for the next couple of months. Thanks to URPowered! #HowURPowered #URPowered


driftingnomadPosted here!

I am very happy to announce that I will be co-hosting a very fun and special event with @Bloomingdales and @urpowered this upcoming Saturday- December 5th! 
I will be there from 12pm-2pm and would love to see you all there! Feel free to invite and bring anyone you like! #URholidayReady

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