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This 10 pair value pack provides up to 80 hours of total warmth and comfort. Each pair of Urban Fuel Heat Packs offers up to 8 hours of disposable, safe, natural, constant heat for UR Powered Heat Revolution Gloves. 

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Heat Revoution: Urban Fuel Pack Refills for Heated Touchscreen Gloves

These are good for up to 8 hours of constant heat. This 10 pair pack can be used to work with either the Katy or the Bruno Heated Touchscreen gloves and gives upt to 80 hours of total warmth and comfort. .Keep your hands warm and toasty while you're working or playing outdoors with this Urban Fuel 10 pair Value Pack.  The value pack includes 10 pairs of hand warmers that can provide over 80 hours of safe, natural heat.

These heat packs come ready to use

UR Powered Glove Heat Pack Inserts  are air activated and can be slipped into your UR Powered touchscreen gloves heat pocket to give you instant comforting heat. These heat packs are ideal for sports fans, commuters, construction workers, police officers, athletes, campers hunters, snow sports and a welcome source of warmth for shoveling or just about any cold-weather activity.

How to Replace UR Powered Heat Revolution Heat Packs

Simply remove the expired heat packs from your gloves. Then slide the replacement refill packs into your gloves. Follow instructions on the packet to enjoy radiant, safe, natural heat in your UR Powered touchscreen gloves.


What people are saying


These heat packs are great. I bought a few extra to go with my Katy Heat gloves. My hands have never been warmer.

better than HotHands

These get really really warm! Last forever too.

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