Springtime Snow Savings

Spring may have officially sprung, but you wouldn’t know it thanks to the springtime snow that hit various states across the U.S. Several schools were closed today and those students have Winter Storm Regis to thank. Yes, you heard us – snow during the first week of Spring. Although this isn’t the first time it’s … [Read more...]

U|R Powered Touchscreen Gloves Join the Ranks of 2016 Top Gadget-Friendly Gloves

The people have spoken! Recently both ABC‘s Good Morning America and Fox & Friends have showcased multiple high-tech gloves to test for the most effective pair. U|R Powered gloves made the cut, and we couldn’t be more proud! Featured gloves were the men’s Aiden leather glove and the women’s Sasha glove. Regular gloves don’t work for the average person who wants to … [Read more...]

Embrace the Cold: Top Places to Ski and Snowboard this Season

The year 2016 has arrived, and with it, the winter weather we’ve all been waiting for. What better way to welcome the season than with brand new winter accessories to fight the frigid temperatures that are sure to be heading our way? U|R Powered has your back, and we’ll keep ‘U’ warm. Save 45% on … [Read more...]